How to Record Streamed Netflix Videos with Bandicam

What is Netflix? Why is it so popular?


Netflix is the world's largest online video streaming service and domestic DVD-by-mail delivery service. It had over 148 million paid subscribers at the end of 2018 throughout 190 countries.

Netflix is very popular because it has hundreds of TV shows and full seasons, and users can watch TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere and the recommendations system helps users to find a show or movie with minimal effort.

Why Choose Bandicam for Netflix?

If you have considered recording your online Netflix streams but failed to achieve any successful results, then Bandicam is the answer! Bandicam is a modern application that is fast becoming the most sought-after recording software programs for streamed content. Enabling Netflix users to record their video streams with ease and precision, Bandicam remains the top choice of recording software for various online streams from your desktop.

From Netflix to Twitch, Bandicam has become the top choice of online recording of streamed content. Whether live streams or pre-recorded, the contemporary program incorporates a range of modern features making it easier and more efficient to obtain high quality video footage. Bandicam is the top choice of recording software for streamed video online because it produces crisp audio and clear images. Now you can record your favorite movies and store these files in your preferred file format (AVI or MP4).

How to record Netflix, Netflix recording software

Trust Bandicam with your recording solutions. Record Netflix videos without sluggish, disrupted or poor video content! Avoid the dreaded black screen and rely on Bandicam for incredible results. The latest version of Bandicam is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Try Bandicam Screen Recorder!

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How Do I Start Recording Streamed Netflix Videos?

To start recording your favorite films and TV series on Netflix, you need reliable and high-quality recording software. To record streamed Netflix videos, a user has to download Bandicam from Bandicam Downloads and use the Screen Recording Mode of Bandicam.

With Bandicam, you can record a specific area of the screen. Select your preferred Netflix movie and use the Screen Recording Mode to initiate your film and series video capture.

Please follow the steps to record Netflix streams to your local computer.

  1. Download/install Bandicam and choose the Screen Recording Mode.

  2. Start Chrome/Firefox and log in to your Netflix account.

    Users are unable to record Netflix videos with Internet Explorer, Edge or the Netflix app on Windows Store.

  3. Click the [ REC ] button on Bandicam.

    Bandicam, screen recording mode, video capture
  4. Go to 'Home -> Video' to check the captured Netflix videos.

    Bandicam, record webinar, screen recording mode

How to cut out a clip from a long Netflix video

Recorded with Bandicam? Cut recorded videos with Bandicut!

If you have recorded your Netflix streams for a long time, you may want to cut out a clip from a long video. Use Bandicut Video Cutter! You can precisely cut and join videos recorded with Bandicam.

cut Netflix video, edit Netflix video, bandicut

FAQ 1) Is it illegal to record Netflix movies?

You must follow the Netflix Terms of Use and the copyright law of the country in which you reside.

FAQ 2) Problems Recording on Netflix: The recorded video file is black

To record Netflix videos, users have to use Chrome or Firefox. If a user plays a Netflix video with an Internet Explorer, Edge or the Netflix app on Windows Store, the user will only see a black screen on the recorded video. Please also start Bandicam before you start Chrome or Firefox. If Bandicam is running, Bandicam will shut off the overlay output and you will not have the black screen issue.

Screenshots of Bandicam Screen Recorder

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  • Capture 4K Ultra HD videos up to 3840x2160
  • Record over 24 hours without stopping
  • Upload a captured video to YouTube

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