I cannot use the H.264 encoder.

With "H.264 Software Encoder", you can convert and cut a low-sized but high-quality video.

However, the H.264 encoder is only supported by Windows XP or a later OS.

1. H.264 Software Encoder

- With 'Windows XP or a later OS', "H.264 Software Encoder" is available for cutting and converting videos in low-sized and high-quality.

- If you can use "H.264 Software Encoder", you can use the H.264 codec in [High-Speed mode] and [Encoding mode].

2. Intel Quick Sync Video (Fast Hardware Acceleration)

- If you have a system equipped with Windows 7 or a later OS and a new Intel CPU (i3/5/7), you can use the embedded hardware acceleration function to cut and convert videos "in higher speed than H.264 Software Encoder" (Low Size + High Quality + High Speed).

- Please refer to "Intel Quick Sync Video and Hardware Acceleration" for more details.

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