Bandicam Company Announces Bandicam with Hardware Acceleration for Video Recording

December 05, 2013    |    PRWEB « News / Review list

Bandicam Company has announced that the new version of Bandicam fully supports the hardware accelerated H.264 video encoders of Intel, NVIDIA and AMD.

The term "hardware acceleration" describes the use of computer hardware to perform some functions at faster speeds than software running on general-purpose CPUs. It allows developers to increase the performance of their software.

The hardware accelerated H.264 video encoding technologies are used for reducing CPU time in video editors, video converters, and video recorders. There are three major hardware accelerated H.264 encoders: Intel Quick Sync Video, NVIDIA CUDA and AMD APP. Bandicam now fully supports these new systems.

Released in 2009, Bandicam is currently the second most widely used video recorder among gamers after Fraps (Beepa Pty Ltd). Bandicam can record original gameplay in both DirectX and OpenGL with its video capturing technology. Furthermore, it also compresses the video while recording, thereby making the recorded file size much smaller than other software.

Bandicam uses various techniques to improve the recording performance. Previously, the program experienced difficulties with high definition game recording with a low-end CPU. When the video resolution was higher than 1080p, this caused lag because the software had to both record and compress these substantially larger files simultaneously.

However, this problem has been solved by the hardware accelerated H.264 video encoding technologies of hardware manufacturers. As a result, gamers are now able to get a high quality gameplay video and a reduced video file size due to the improved combination of video compressing technology from Bandicam and hardware manufacturers.

Zun, the manager of Bandicam Company, said that "Arguably, the most important factors of video recording are supporting hardware-acceleration, and these new technologies will allow users to record the target in high speed and with a high compression ratio and an excellent quality". The new hardware accelerated Bandicam can be downloaded from


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