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Multi-Monitor Screen Recording at Scheduled Times

Bandicam now supports multi-monitor scheduled recording, without capturing the Bandicam main window.

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IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an exciting development, leading screen recording software supplier Bandicam Company has launched its latest version, 7.1.0. This upgrade allows users to record multiple displays simultaneously at preset times and opt to exclude Bandicam windows from recordings—two groundbreaking innovations that significantly enhance functionality and user experience.

With the increasing use of multiple displays for purposes like online learning, software development, and gaming, Bandicam’s latest version caters to the evolving demands of customers who seek a more advanced recording solution. When ‘all displays’ is added as a scheduled recording target, users can now record output from multiple monitors at a scheduled time of day. This is incredibly convenient and efficient for people who record and monitor screens on a daily basis, like project managers monitoring progress on a project or financial analysts watching stock charts.

Furthermore, Bandicam has introduced a feature that prevents Bandicam windows from being recorded, addressing a common user concern. This ensures that users can manage their recordings without interruption or distraction by the Bandicam interface, allowing them to focus solely on the main content.

Expressing his excitement about the new launch, Denny Oh, CEO of Bandicam Company, stated, “Bandicam stands out as the only screen recording solution that offers the exclusive All Display feature, enabling users to capture content from all connected screens simultaneously. This latest enhancement not only boosts multi-monitor recording capabilities with advanced scheduling options, but also includes the much-requested feature to exclude the Bandicam interface from recordings, significantly improving the overall user experience.”

The latest version highlights Bandicam’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its global user base. Through continuous improvement of its software, Bandicam remains the top choice for consumers who will appreciate the cutting-edge capabilities.

Addressing the update, Denny Oh added, “Listening to our community, we’ve transformed feedback into action. The issue of the Bandicam window appearing in recordings is now resolved. With our new feature to exclude Bandicam windows from recordings, users can now enjoy the freedom to focus solely on their desired content, ensuring a pristine recording experience every time.”

Download Bandicam version 7.1.0 at https://www.bandicam.com/free-screen-recorder/.

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