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Bandicam increasing technical support in response to COVID-19 pandemic

Bandicam Screen Recorder for teachers and students

Bandicam is one of the top names as far as game recording software is concerned. The screen recording program offered by the company has been getting great reviews and the company has been offering the best of technical aid and support during these times of pandemic.

As schools and offices have both shifted online, the need was felt to have an efficient screen recording program that could capture the lessons and even Zoom meetings, Skype sessions, lectures, video calls and more. By choosing to offer the right screen recording program, one can cut down on the dependency to jot everything down and have things at a glance every now and then.

The company continues to receive great applause for ease of use and user satisfaction. Along with this, they have been delivering the highest quality of services that have been tailored to meet client’s standards in a meticulous manner. The screen recording tool also has a real time drawing and a facecam feature that can come in handy for teachers too. This allows people to record the computer screen along with a webcam as it facilitates easier online classes and conferences.

Denny Oh, CEO of Bandicam company said, “Even after the end of the coronavirus (COVID-19), remote learning and video conferencing through ZOOM, Webex or Skype will stay the status quo, and accordingly, the demand for video recording and editing software will consistently increase. With continuous updates, we will improve the UI design and functions of Bandicam so that users who are not familiar with computers can easily record the PC screen using Bandicam.”

The company is aware of the fact that too many people are not familiar with technology and this is why they have been offering easy to understand tutorials that can help people in getting a clear grasp of how to make screen recordings and even perform the different functions offered by this tool.

Bandicam can be downloaded and used for free by simply visiting the official website. For more details, one can click https://www.Bandicam.com


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