Bandicam Company, the developer of Bandicam, released a new video cutting program called Bandicut.

February 4, 2014    |    Bandicam Company « News / Review list

Bandicam Company, the developer of Bandicam, released a new video cutting program called Bandicut.

Bandicut is a very fast video cutting program with an easy-to-use interface. This program is able to cut videos without encoding, and the user can clip a part of a video quickly while maintaining the quality of the original video. It also supports the hardware-accelerated H.264 video encoders of Intel.

Bandicut has two modes, High-speed mode and Encoding mode.

High-speed mode allows users to cut videos without re-encoding as a result the quality is lossless and the cutting speed is faster than any other software.

Encoding mode allows re-encoding if the user wishes to change the codec, resolution or quality of videos according to their needs.

The user can save the video as an AVI or MP4 file.

Bandicut supports common codecs such as H.264, Xvid, MPEG-1 and Motion JPEG. Bandicut also supports hardware acceleration using Intel Quick Sync Video provided your CPU has this functionality.

About Bandicam Company
Bandicam Company, developer of Bandicam and Bandicut, is a multimedia-based company that includes a business-to-business game capture library and video library solutions.
Bandicut is a well-known in the online game developer community. Many online game companies such as NC soft, Nexon, Tencent, Dragonfly, and Eyedentity Games are using Bandicam Company's multi-media and data-compression solutions.

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Bandicam 6.0 allows users to record audio for over 24 hours and improves the mouse highlighter feature by adding opacity controls to conceal objects and identities.
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Change Facecam shapes and Show countdown timer

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The latest version of Bandicam 5.4 has recently been released with major upgrades, now allowing users to change Facecam shapes and show the countdown timer.
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Bandicam Launches 64 Bit Version of Bandicut Video Cutter

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The developer of Bandicam has recently released Bandicut 3.6. 64-bit native version, this new video editor program comes with a high-speed video function, and an amazing user interface as well.
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Bandicam Screen Recorder increasing technical support in response to covid 19 pandemic

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Bandicam is the top leader in the field of game recording software market. The company has been doing phenomenal work so far and now they have increased the technical support as they offer efficient screen recording program.
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Bandicam lets you record everything that’s happening on your PC screen with crisp, high-quality visuals. If you wish to, you may also record a small portion of the screen. You can capture video from devices such as web cameras, smartphones, Xbox consoles, and more. You can even schedule screen recordings at a specific time of the day or week.
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The best free screen recorders of 2019

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Bandicam’s slick app allows for speedy screen recording with easy-to-use professional features. That includes screen selection for recording, real-time drawing while recording, real-time mic use when recording, and webcam overlays. You can even add your own logo to the video and, if you want, manage a mouse-based soundboard of noises. There are also many settings specifications for recording from various devices, or for certain types of games.
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Bandicam – All in One Solution to Recording Screen, Games & Devices

January 24, 2019 /
Bandicam is software that enables the user to capture screenshots and or video recordings of anything on the computer screen. Bandicam captures images and videos with the level of quality of the original display. The performance of Bandicam as screen recording software is beyond any other software that offers similar services. Bandicam makes it easy for users to set their preferences and the default storage location.
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The go-to video and screen capture tool for gamers, Bandicam is a great tool for multiple use cases. End users (aka gamers) are able to record their gameplay and upload their adventures to online streaming sites.
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In today’s world of internet and digital media, people are craving for new technologies to cater their need for customized digital experience in terms of communication, entertainment, learning and many others...
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Bandicam is reborn as all-in-one, screen-recording software with a more intuitive user interface.

August 24, 2017 /
Bandicam 4.0.0 is a major update that includes a renewal of the skin design, corresponding with video-creation scenes, and enabling improved productivity when making videos.
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Game Recording Software Bandicam Review 2017

May 08, 2017 /
Bandicam is a software package that is able to record game play and screen recording videos, all in a lightweight package. With Bandicam, you can record a specific area on a PC, or capture gameplay that uses one of many common graphics technologies.
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Record video while playing games, working on apps or talking to someone via webcam

Jun 14, 2016 /
If you want to record yourself while playing a game or working in an application to create a video guide or tutorial to post on YouTube, you can check out Bandicam Screen Recorder. It features support for webcam and HDMI device recording.

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Bandicam Company Announces Bandicam; Record 4K Ultra HD Video and Capture Up To 120 FPS Video

Jul 17, 2014 /
Bandicam, the worldwide leader in the recording software market, supports 4K video recording and 120 FPS game recording with GPU hardware acceleration.
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Bandicam Company, the developer of Bandicam, released a new video cutting program called Bandicut.

Feb 4, 2014 / Bandicam Company
Bandicut is a very fast video cutting program with an easy to use interface. This program is able to cut videos without encoding, and the user can clip a part of video quickly while maintaining the quality of the original video.

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Bandicam Company Announces Bandicam with Hardware Acceleration for Video Recording

Dec 05, 2013 /
Bandicam Company has announced that the new version of Bandicam fully supports the hardware accelerated H.264 video encoders of Intel, NVIDIA and AMD.
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Record your screen or take snapshots

10 Apr, 2012 /
The quality of the recordings is good, even with a high compression ratio. Bandicam features a compact interface which lets you record or take snapshots of your screen instantly.

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Bandicam is a good alternative to Fraps because it records not only the DirectX/OpenGL programs like Fraps but also it can record anything on your PC screen including flash/java games.
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Imagine you are playing an amazingly exciting game on your PC and much to your glory

Apr 18, 2011 / Freedownloadscenter
Bandicam, unlike most of the products of this sort, offers you a pretty simple interface that won’t leave you in a panic state even if you belong to the “technologically challenged” category.

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With YouTube as host platform, video has gained a top front spot in today’s Internet life. Programs to video capture your movement on the desktop are plenty, but Bandicam stands out through ease of use and simplicity of the options.

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Video Capture Software: Now Released Globally

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Bandicam has gained global acceptance within 3 months of its release according to a recent report. The reasons for this might not be unconnected with the low computer lag; high quality video recording.
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Gamers Worldwide Use Newly Released Bandicam to Record Game Play, Post to YouTube

Mar 22, 2011 / San Francisco Chronicle
Bandicam, fully featured and functional video capture software, is taking the gaming world by storm. Bandicam Company released Bandicam globally earlier this year. In less than three months, it has become very popular among online gamers.
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Record game and desktop with high-quality

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Bandicam is a lightweight program to record game and desktop. You can record a certain area on a PC screen, or a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphics technologies with ease and high quality.
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