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Bandicam Update with Webcam Rotation and Screen Recording selection

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The latest Bandicam upgrade elevates screen recording with cutting-edge webcam rotation capabilities and refined screen recording tools.

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The leading provider of screen capture technology, Bandicam Company, is pleased to announce the introduction of Bandicam 7.1.1, which provides a major improvement in screen recording features. This upgrade revolutionizes digital content creation by enabling webcam video rotation and simplifying the process of setting screen capture zones. These improvements align with Bandicam’s goals of making content creation easier and offering adaptable tools that satisfy their users’ changing needs.

Innovative Webcam Video Rotation for Dynamic Content Creation

The new feature of Bandicam 7.1.1 will allow users to rotate webcam footage directly within the camera overlay, and Device Recording Mode settings are its main attraction. Users may smoothly transition between portrait and landscape configurations by adjusting their camera feed to 90, 180, or 270 degrees. This feature is crucial for users using their smartphones as webcams because it enables fast orientation adjustments without the need for further editing, saving time and improving the quality of the content.

Sharing his vision, Denny Oh, CEO of Bandicam Company, stated, “Our Webcam Overlay feature, which records the screen and webcam, is essential for creating a wide range of professional content, from educational videos to gaming tutorials. The new rotation capability empowers our users to effortlessly adjust their presentation style, elevating their content’s visual appeal and functionality.”

Enhanced Screen Recording Area Selection

Bandicam 7.1.1 also addresses the convenience of selecting the recording area. Users now have the flexibility to re-select the recording area by simply right-clicking while in the selection mode. This improvement makes it significantly easier for users to adjust their recording area, ensuring that only the desired content is captured.

“We will continue to make improvements so that all users can easily create content using Bandicam screen recording software,” emphasized Denny Oh, highlighting the company’s dedication to innovation and user satisfaction.

About Bandicam Company

The Bandicam Company is a leader in creating software solutions for a wide range of screen recording applications, such as video lessons, online courses, and gaming. Their flagship product, Bandicam, is notable for its effectiveness, build quality, and extensive capabilities, including programmable recording schedules, on-the-fly doodling, and picture-in-picture overlay. From educators to professional video makers, it continues to be the go-to option for many people.

For more information on how Bandicam can improve the video production process and to see the newest features available in Bandicam 7.1.1, please visit the Bandicam website at https://www.bandicam.com/.


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