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Icecream Screen Recorder Review

Icecream Screen Recorder Review - Features, Pros & Cons, Download, The Best alternative

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is freeware that lets you record any area on your screen as a movie or screenshot. It’s basic and minimalist, not to say that it isn’t full of useful features. The video recorder has many innovative options, as well as configuration settings.

Besides recording video, it can also convert video recordings to other file types, take screenshots, capture gameplay with 60 FPS, and create URLs that you can share with your friends. In fact, with maximum simplicity and convenience, you may record applications, games, Skype conversations, webinars, lessons, video instructions, etc. Let’s review some of its features and pros & cons.

Icecream Screen Recorder Features

Capture screen

1. Capture screen and audio

When it comes to video capture, you may either capture the entire screen or choose a particular region to record.

2. Schedule recordings

Icecream Screen Recorder allows you to schedule automatic screen recordings for the future.

Modify watermark

3. Modify watermark

Icecream Screen Recorder lets you add your own watermark to the screen recording.

4. Display mouse and hotkeys

To improve your video recording understanding, you may opt to show mouse-click animations and even key pairings for any hotkeys used in the screen recording.

Pros & Cons of Icecream Screen Recorder


  • Usability – Icecream Screen Recorder is a simple software with a pleasant interface that makes it easy to move around and perform actions.
  • Scheduled screen recordings – Future capturing of screen videos without your involvement is certainly a major advantage for this application.
  • Video Converter & Editor – Simplicity does not hinder this utility from providing useful functions, such as video processing and conversion.


  • Limited game recording capability – This tool does not use DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan capturing technology, which can minimize CPU, GPU, and RAM usage while recording real-time gameplay.
  • Restricted editing choices – While Icecream Screen Recorder offers editing capabilities, it is also very limited if you seek a full video editing experience.

The Best alternative to Icecream recorder – Bandicam

Overall, Icecream Screen Recorder is excellent recording software. However, if you’re searching for an all-in-one program to record a Full HD 1080 resolution screen and high FPS games, give Bandicam a try. Bandicam’s Screen Recorder, besides providing high quality, supports various video formats.

Bandicam’s main features

bandicam screen recorder
  • You may choose to record a region of the screen, the whole screen, or even the area surrounding the mouse pointer.
  • Your webcam footage may be turned translucent using the chroma-key feature.
  • Bandicam enables recording 4K UHD Video and capturing up to 480 FPS Video.
  • The game recording mode in Bandicam uses DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan capturing technology to get high-quality recording files.
  • You may record an external camera, Xbox/PlayStation, smartphone, IPTV, etc.


You’ve got a ton of functions to make excellent use of, all accessible in a single software — Icecream Screen Recorder. Check the requirements our screen recorder requires until you can go download and install the setup file. The nice part is that it will run on virtually any machines without significant problems. If you need more capabilities and greater features for advanced tasks, getting Bandicam can be a pretty good option.


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