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How to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on PCs

Have you ever tried to download Instagram videos or photos? If you’ve found an Instagram video or photo worth keeping, you can save it in a collections folder by tapping the flag icon in the bottom-right corner of the post. However, if you want to save an Instagram video on your PC, you won’t be able to do it straight from the app or website. Well, what’s the solution? With the help of a third-party program such as Bandicam, you can easily save an Instagram video post, story, or reel on PCs.

  1. How to save Instagram photos
  2. How to download Instagram videos

Bandicam, a renowned free screen recorder, helps you to capture Instagram photos or record Instagram videos, reels, Instagram lives, etc., while preserving the quality of the original content.

bandicam screen recorder

The features of Bandicam

Such advanced features make Bandicam a useful software for beginners and professionals alike.

How to save Instagram photos

Bandicam allows you to screenshot and save Instagram photos or videos to your PC by following the steps below:

Step 1: Install and start Bandicam.

Step 2: Visit the Instagram Website and log in.

Step 3: Choose the ‘Select a recording area‘ or ‘Rectangle on a screen‘ option in Bandicam.

bandicam screen recording mode

Step 4: Capture Instagram photos, videos, stories, etc.

Select the area containing the media on the Instagram page, and capture the screen in a rectangle window.

download instagram photos
  • Capture the screen by clicking on the camera icon.
  • You can also use the F11 hotkey to screenshot Instagram stories, photos, etc.
  • Another option is to copy the media with the Ctrl + C shortcut and paste it with Ctrl + V in programs such as Paint, Powerpoint, and Word.

Step 5: Now, check the saved Instagram image.

Open the output folder or go to Home -> Images and check the captured images of Instagram.

bandicam image output

Special tips: You can save the captured images in different formats such as PNG, BMP, or JPG.

bandicam image format

How to download Instagram videos 

Nowadays, speakers from a wide range of fields and backgrounds use Instagram stories to promote themselves, their companies, etc. You might find yourself wanting to download such inspiring content onto your PC. However, Instagram won’t let you download these precious video clips and save them to your device.

Well, what should you do? With Bandicam, you can record videos, stories, and live broadcasts, and save them to your PC by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open Instagram and Bandicam.

Step 2: Choose (Default Output Device) or speaker device to record Instagram sound.

bandicam sound settings

Step 3: Choose the ‘Select a recording area‘ or ‘Rectangle on a screen‘ option, and click on the ‘REC‘ button.

download instagram videos

Step 4: Check the recorded Instagram video.

To check the downloaded video, go to Home -> Video. You can play it immediately to check whether or not your downloaded video turned out the way you wanted it to. Once you have done this, you can edit the video and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.

bandicam output videos

The best part of using Bandicam is that it never compromises quality. You get the best of both worlds by using this free software, which allows you to not only download Instagram stories and videos of your choice, but also preserve the quality of the original media.

Frequently Asked Questions: Know more, do more!

Instagram brings updates regularly to increase its user base. If you are a new user and start your journey with the much-hyped social media platform, you may have a few queries. Let’s check out the FAQ.

Q1. How safe is it to download Instagram videos or capture Instagram photos using Bandicam?

Bandicam is a 100% safe and secure software that helps you to download Instagram videos and capture Instagram photos of your choice.

Q2. How long will the downloaded content be saved on my device?

You can keep the downloaded content for as long as you want. Those photos or videos do not have expiry dates; you can enjoy them until you want.


When technology has the power to convert all of your dreams into reality, you must grab the opportunity. Bandicam is your one-stop solution to download Instagram videos, photos, stories, etc., and save them on your device. With Bandicam, you can screen record Instagram stories of your favorite celebrities or share informational posts with your friends — your choices are limitless.


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