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10 Best Screen Recording Software for Tutorials

Best Screen Recording Software for Tutorials

Video content has become a pivotal part of creators’ daily lives. And as a content creator, educator, or gamer, creating engaging videos to grab your audience’s interest requires a suitable set of tools. But do you know that you can easily create tutorial videos, training videos, etc., by recording your screen through reliable screen recording software?

We have covered you with the top 10 screen recording software for making professional-looking tutorials and training videos effortlessly.

So stay tuned as we dive into learning about the best screen recording software for creating tutorials and training videos.

Top 10 Screen Recording Software for Making Training Videos

The list below outlines the features and pros & cons of the top 10 screen recording software for making tutorials and training videos to help you settle for the best program.

Comparison of Screen Recorders for Making Tutorials

The table below compares the key features of the best software for screen recording tutorials. Have a quick look!

Move facecam
while recording
Keystroke overlayDrawing toolMouse effect
1. Bandicam Screen RecorderОООО
2. SnagitОО
3. FlashBackОlimitedО
4. LoomОlimitedlimited
5. Movavi Screen RecorderОООО
6. Clipchamplimited
7. Icecream AppsОlimitedОО
8. ScreenFlowlimitedООО
9. ScreenPalООО
10. Action!ООО

1. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam is our top pick as the best screen recording software for making tutorials and training videos. Its competent features make it the best among its competitors. It lets users capture/record a specific area on a PC screen and add mouse effects while recording.

Bandicam allows you to create videos without additional editing. In particular, it is very useful for making tutorial videos because you can freely move your webcam around your screen or enlarge it to full screen while recording.

screen recording software for tutorials, bandicam

Key Features

  • Multiple recording modes: Screen recording mode, Game recording mode, and Device recording mode
  • Allows users to draw and outline in real-time
  • Enables adding a webcam video onto the recorded video
  • Lets you schedule a recording at a specific time
  • Record system audio and your voice simultaneously

You may be interested in:

  • Record everything on PC screen and audio with webcam overlay
  • Move or enlarge webcam screen (facecam) while recording
  • Features include adding keystrokes, mouse effects, and drawing tools
  • Choose to record only audio with an mp3 or wav file
  • Works only on Windows


2. Snagit

Snagit is a powerful screen recorder that lets you record yourself and grab individual frames from the captured video. You can capture either your screen or camera, or both simultaneously, and add a personal touch for your teammates or clients who watch your recording. In addition, Snagit lets you include audio in your video from a microphone or your PC’s system audio.


System Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Key Features

  • Create quick “how-to” videos or GIFs from a series of screenshots and images
  • Capture your entire desktop screen, a select region, window, or scrolling screen
  • Take screenshots at timed intervals
  • Draw shapes and numbers in customizable colors to highlight important information
  • Use the Cloud Library to store and organize recordings
  • Simple interface to record and take screenshots
  • Integrated GIF maker with 4K support
  • Create and share custom-themed templates.
  • Panoramic scrolling capture
  • Does not support a keystroke overlay feature that shows and records keyboard inputs
  • Snagit can capture mouse cursor but cannot add mouse effects
  • File syncing requires third-party cloud storage


3. FlashBack Screen Recorder

FlashBack Screen Recorder is a sturdy software that records screens and shares quick clips to make engaging training videos and demos. It is a screen recording software that is especially helpful for users who are new to making tutorials and training videos.

Flashback Screen Recorder

System Compatibility: Windows 7 or newer

Key Features

  • Efficiently record desktop, websites, and video calls with webcam and mic
  • Video editing tools make clips and refine footage
  • Export video in multiple formats: MP4, AVI, GIF, etc.
  • Schedule a time to record
  • Multi-track full editing suite
  • Easy and affordable app
  • Features a mouse movement highlight
  • Free version supports unlimited recording time during limited trial duration
  • Includes a video editing option
  • Flashback can show only hotkeys on screen but all keystrokes
  • Does not have a drawing tool
  • Users need to go through the Export process after a recording is complete to save it as a video file
  • A bit slow to use


4. Loom

Loom is a free screen recording software for Chrome, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can capture your screen and webcam simultaneously, and record system and internal audio with closed captions. In addition, Loom lets you embed your videos and provides instant video editing.


System Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Key Features

  • Users can edit videos in the Loom app or browser
  • Instantly share videos anywhere
  • Custom recording dimensions
  • Drawing tool and mouse emphasis
  • HD screen captures up to 4K
  • Records screen, webcam, and audio without watermark or ads
  • Google Chrome extension available
  • Recorded videos are saved to the My Library page on the Loom site, which lets you see who viewed your videos
  • Video duration is limited to 5 minutes
  • Does not support the recording keystroke option
  • The drawing tool and mouse effect are only available on Loom’s Education, Business, and Enterprise plans


5. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is a renowned and best software for screen recording tutorials. It lets you set up the recording parameters easily and instantly grab the audio and video. Once done, you can edit the recording and save the file without any hassle.

Movavi Screen Recorder

System Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Key Features

  • Records screen in one click
  • Supports multiple formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, and MKV
  • Secret screencasts and scheduled recording
  • Lets you draw anything on videos during the recording process
  • Enables capturing on webcam without recording the screen
  • Record screen with webcam.
  • Supports scheduled recording
  • Capture and edit screenshots
  • Saves video in HD
  • Limited video editing tools
  • The trial version limits video recording to 5 minutes and is available for only 7 days


6. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is undoubtedly the best screen recording software for making tutorials and kick-starting your creativity with unlimited access to 1 million+ royalty-free videos and audio tracks. It is an excellent app for creating and editing professional-looking videos quickly for small-scale editing and aids people who have less experience with advanced editing.


System Compatibility: Windows

Key Features

  • Connects your content by transferring images and videos from phone to PC quickly
  • Helps you create engaging social media content and in-depth tutorials
  • Supports AI technology to turn words into voice overs in over 70 languages with 170 lifelike voices and flexible pace settings
  • Set your brand colors, fonts, and logos
  • Trim and crop your videos to the perfect length
  • Features a slick interface
  • A generous selection of templates
  • Stylish effects and transitions
  • Good text and soundtrack options
  • You can record your webcam and screen at the same time, but you cannot move the webcam screen while recording
  • Does not support features such as adding keystrokes, drawing tools, or mouse effects
  • Free to use but cannot record for more than 30 minutes


7. Icecream Apps

Icecream Apps Screen Recorder lets users record their webcam and audio to narrate and comment on their screen recordings. The app supports computer audio and a microphone to record screen activity with background music. You can upload images to use them as watermarks and set the position within the selected area and opacity.

Icecream apps Screen Recorder

System Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Key Features

  • Record screen and annotate/edit recordings
  • Share videos instantly
  • No watermark on videos
  • Display hotkeys and make screenshots
  • User-friendly interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Features offline screenshot
  • Offers screen recording and webcam recording features
  • Trims only the beginning and end of recordings
  • The feature to record hotkeys is only available in the Pro version of Icecream
  • The trial version has several limitations, such as a 5-minute time limit for recordings, watermarks, and the ability to save files only in .webm format.


8. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is one of the best software for screen recording tutorials of the highest quality using retina displays. The app lets you streamline your media by organizing projects with nested clips, markers, color labels, and more. In addition, ScreenFlow directly publishes videos to popular content hosting sites like Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo, Imgur, and more.


System Compatibility: Mac

Key Features

  • Features a built-in stock media library
  • Record iPhone and iPad screens for top-quality app demos
  • Add pro touches with powerful editing tools
  • Animate graphics, titles, and logos with built-in video editing tools
  • Supports closed caption
  • Easily record and capture your screen
  • Lets you edit your recorded videos
  • Enables you to export to MP3
  • You must use specific keys to stop recording
  • Needs updates for improved features


9. ScreenPal

ScreenPal is the perfect tool to capture, create and share. The app supports recording screens and creating screencast videos without any hassle. It lets you capture a screen, add a webcam and use narration to customize the video. Besides recording, you can give friendly feedback, share knowledge, and have productive meetings via video messages from any text box.


System Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Key Features

  • Robust video editor
  • Take screenshots and edit images
  • Features a built-in library to enhance videos
  • Instantly share recorded videos
  • Share and manage screenshots/videos easily
  • Supports basic editing tools: trim, crop, split
  • Record webcam and audio at the same time
  • An affordable, budget-friendly option
  • Does not support showing keystrokes while recording
  • Requires you to log in or sign up
  • Chrome extension can be buggy
  • No built-in video effects or filters


10. Action!

Action! is one of the best screen recording software for making training videos that lets you stream and record gameplay in real-time on a Windows PC in high video quality. Using the stylish interface of Action! you can record music, capture screenshots, add a webcam, add microphone commentary, and more. Moreover, its Green Screen Mode lets you remove the background.


System Compatibility: Windows

Key Features

  • Offers live streaming and benchmarking
  • Record videos in high quality from 2K to 4K
  • Add webcam and audio recording
  • Unique Time-Shift feature
  • Powerful editing and audio options
  • Friendly user interface
  • Supports webcam and mic commentary
  • Provides HD recording
  • Does not have the option to show keystrokes or hotkeys while recording
  • The trial version will stop working after 30 days



These are the top 10 best screen recording software for making tutorials and training videos. You can pick any that suits your needs to capture your PC’s environment or work-related activities. When considering which screen recorder to use, make sure to evaluate its comprehensiveness, ease of use, webcam recording capability, editing capabilities, and supported formats, among other factors. While finding the best software can be tricky, settle with the one that seamlessly supports your requirements.


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