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  • Upload the clipped avi file to YouTube directly
  • Set the start time and end time by moving a slider
  • Cut AVI videos while keeping the original audio/video quality

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How to Cut AVI Files without Quality Loss

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is the most common video format introduced by Microsoft. Do you want to cut an AVI file while keeping the original video quality? Do you want to extract audio from AVI to MP3 ? Do you want to share a certain section and upload it to YouTube? If you use the most advanced video cutting program, you can do it within one minute.

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Bandicut is a professional video cutter program which allows you to cut parts of video quickly while keeping the original video quality. You can also easily cut AVI videos by adjusting their start and end time by moving a slider and upload the clipped AVI files to YouTube immediately after cutting.

How to Cut an AVI file

Step 1: Download and install the AVI video cutter

Download the free version of Bandicut and install the setup file.

Step 2: Import the avi file which you want to cut

Start Bandicut AVI cutter and click the 'Cut' button to import the avi file which you want to cut.

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Step 3: Set the beginning/ending point

Set the beginning/ending point of the video and click the 'Start' button.

  • You can use the left/right [Section] button to select a cutting area to be clipped.
  • You can preview and move the current video location through 'Playhead' and 'Mouse Wheel'.

AVI Cutter, AVI cutting, recommend 3

Step 4: Initiate the AVI video cutting

Click the 'Start' button on the pop-up window to initiate the AVI video cutting.

  • Select [High-Speed mode] to cut videos without decreasing the quality.
  • Select [Encoding mode] to encode videos according to your configuration (codec and quality).

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You will be able to find the new clipped AVI file in the output folder.

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