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How To Record Google Meet Meetings

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Google Meet is a video-conferencing platform developed by Google. It allows users to hold virtual meetings, conferences, webinars, and other collaborative activities through audio and video calls. Google Meet provides features such as screen sharing, presentation mode, chat function, as well as recording, and is widely used in professional and educational settings for remote collaboration and communication.

Can you record Google Meet as a participant?

Yes, you can record a Google Meet meeting if you see the “Manage recording” option. During your meeting, click on the three-dot menu at the bottom right corner of your screen and select the “Manage recording” option.

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However, this Google Meet recording feature might not be available in all Google Workspace editions or for all users in an organization, depending on the settings configured by the administrator. If you see “Recording unavailable,” you cannot record Google Meet with its recording feature. Alternatively, you can record Google Meet using a third-party screen recorder such as Bandicam. 

Can Google Meet record all participants at once?

No, Google Meet’s built-in recording feature does not enable users to record a screen showing all participants; it only allows you to capture the screen of the active speaker. You will need screen recording software like Bandicam to record the entire meeting screen and capture all participants.

In this article, we will discuss how to record Google Meet meetings without restrictions by using Bandicam Screen Recorder.

Google MeetBandicam
Who can recordLimited accessAnyone
Recording target screenOnly Speaker’s screenSpeaker + Participants’ screen
Recording time limitLimited (Up to 8 hours)Unlimited (Over 24 hours)
Immediate recording access without conversionXO

How to record Google Meet as a participant

Bandicam is a screen and video recorder for Windows PC that can record your computer screen as a high-quality MP4 or AVI video. With Bandicam Screen Recorder, you can record online meetings with audio, whether you are the host or a participant.

Advantages of recording Google Meet with Bandicam:

video recorder, screen recorder

Follow the simple steps below to record Google Meet:

Step 1. Download Bandicam Screen Recorder. 

Step 2. Select the same ‘Speaker Device’ and ‘Microphone Device’ in Bandicam and Google Meet settings to record the voices of the participants and yourself.

Google meet audio settings

Step 3. Select Screen Recording Mode in Bandicam and click the REC button to start recording.

Option 1: Select the ‘Specific window’ option and record only the screen of a Google Meet browser window. 

record google meet browser window

Option 2: Select the ‘Rectangle on a screen’ option and record anything on the screen.

record google meet meeting

Step 4. Click the Stop button to finish recording and check your recorded meeting.

recorded video meeting

Additional Tip: Share a Google Meet recording with a link

Bandicam has a feature to directly upload video files from Bandicam to Google Drive. You can upload your Google Meet recording to Google Drive and share it with your students, colleagues, or customers.

share google meet recording

Related FAQs

Q1. Where to find my Google Meet recordings?

When a meeting is recorded using Google Meet’s recording feature, the recording will be saved to the meeting organizer’s Google Drive > Meet Recordings folder. An email with the recording link will be sent to the meeting organizer and the person who started the recording.

If you record Google Meet with Bandicam Screen Recorder, the recordings will be saved to your computer folder.

Q2. How long do Google Meet recordings take to appear?

If you recorded your meeting with Google Meet’s recording feature, you will be able to see the recording in your Google Drive once it has been processed within 24 hours.
If you recorded your meeting with Bandicam, you will be able to see the recording right after the recording ends.


Google Meet is an excellent tool for online meetings, allowing users to easily start sessions and invite other participants. However, Google Meet’s recording feature has a few restrictions, such as limited recording privileges and only being able to capture the active speaker’s screen. Fortunately, you can record Google Meet meetings without these restrictions by using Bandicam Screen Recorder. If you are looking for the best online meeting recording tool, Bandicam is the best choice.

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