This 'Output' tab allows the user to play, edit, delete, and check the recorded videos/images.

bandicam output tab, edit videos
  •  1   Video: The captured videos are shown under the video tab.
  •  2   Image: The captured images are shown under the image tab.
  •  3   The output path is displayed. Click the path to see the captured files with Wndows Explorer.
  •  4   The captured files can be sorted by date, name and size.
  •  5   The resolution of videos/images, FPS, codec, recording time and file size are displayed.
  •  6   If the "Create output sub-folder when writing a file" option was checked, the output sub-folder will be shown.
  •  7   The captured videos/images can be shown by the default media player or image viewer program.
  •  8   The captured video can be cut/edited by the fast and lossless video cutter called Bandicut.
  •  9   The captured videos/images can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo from Bandicam.
  •  10   The captured videos/images can be deleted from your local hard disk drive.

Cut/Join recorded videos with Bandicut!

You can precisely cut and join multiple videos with Bandicut. Cut/Join recorded videos with Bandicut

Upload videos to YouTube and Vimeo

You can upload the recorded videos to YouTube or Vimeo directly. Upload videos to YouTube