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Bandicam, "Prefer CFR", crash and/or corrupt output

Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:50 am

With "Format settings" -> "FPS Settings" -> "Frame Rate Mode": "Prefer CFR", Bandicam may crash upon/during recording, or corrupt the recording if didn't crash in the meantime, when the encoder's performance is not sufficiently high. ("sufficiently high" in this case... likely means "overkill")

The video in the corrupted recording seemed fine (no visual glitch on individual frames), except the effective frame rate being unexpectedly low. (severe frame drops, while similar footage recorded with "Use VFR" appeared completely normal)

* The actual frame rate still cohere to the target recording rate... by duplicating frames. Quite CFR.

The audio has multiple occurences of audible glitch, spreading throughout the recording. (likely caused by the same reason above)


The behavior appeared to be codec independent. (occurred with different codecs, tested video: MagicYUV, NVENC H.264; audio: PCM)

Tested in "Screen Recording Mode".

"Enable write caching on the disk" is unchecked. (due to a known bug in previous Bandicam)

"Use enhanced capture method" is checked.

A rough preview of the full audio from one corrupted recording attached. The 1st occurrence of glitch at 19.68.
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