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Video and Audio out of sync suddenly

Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:12 am


Having a problem all of a sudden where the audio is out of sync for my recordings.

Bandicam is updated (

Format settings:
Full Size (2560x1440)
60 FPS
Quality: 80 (I used 100 Quality fine before, but have dropped it to 80 since I had this problem)

192 kbps

Recording microphone as secondary device, using Two Sound Mixing (checked).

"Skip recording while frame is not updated" is unchecked.

i5-4690k @ 4.6GHz
GTX 980 (353.12)

As I said, this problem is new. Recorded a video five days or so ago without issue, and many more before that. Yesterday I recorded a ~30m video and found the audio out of syn. Upon extracting the audio I could see that it was 10 seconds shorter than the video. I have since re-recorded it twice, lowering the Quality parameter to 80 and unchecking the skip recording setting. This improved things slightly, but there was still a ~6 second difference in the audio track duration and the video. The audio skips/drift becomes apparent towards the end of the video.

I've not installed anything new. Not even new drivers. Would 353.30 help?

Could it just be a case of Bandicam or my system unable to keep up with these settings at 1440p? I used to record at 1080p without issue, and switched to 1440p also without issue until this. It's not easy for me to record multiple ~30 minute videos with commentary to test multiple settings. Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: Video and Audio out of sync suddenly

Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:13 pm

Have since tried recording in 1080p and running into the same issues. It's very strange - as if Bandicam is recording the video slower than the audio all of a sudden. The videos it records never come out as 60 FPS, but rather are reported as 56 or 58 FPS and so on. Even more puzzling is that they seem to play fine on a media player, it's only when I edit (just attach intro and outro) and then render the videos as 60 FPS that the problem happens.

Very frustrating. Been using the two programs (Bandicam and PowerDirector) for a while and never had any issues. Will continue to look into it, saw some posts mentioning to use PCM audio (so switching to .avi) and keyframe interval of 1, so will try that.

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Re: Video and Audio out of sync suddenly

Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:07 pm


Please try Bandicam 2.2.3 which has been released today.
- Download:

This new version supports the CFR (Constant Frame Rate) option.

For more information, visit

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Re: Video and Audio out of sync suddenly

Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:06 am

This seems to have fixed the problem after some initial test, thanks a lot. Still confused as to why this happened all of a sudden after working fine for so long.

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