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Scribblenauts "Rocketpropelled Drumset"

Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:58 am

URL after intro...

For the most part, I'm still learning a bit on how to edit and record videos. However, this may be my favorite one I've made yet. I normally play with my brother, but a lot of those videos have audio problems, video problems, or are just generally not that entertaining. Mostly not all three (cuz one out of three ain't bad!).

I normally don't share my videos that much. I use YouTube more of an archive for videos I make so I can enjoy them later. But, what the hey, might as well share them every now and then, see if I can grow my audience.

I shared the video after the intro, just because... uh... the... stuff... Ye... Enjoy!

P.S. - Of course, this was recorded with Bandicam.

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