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Raw Gameplay (Unedited) - Battlefield Play4Free (20 mins)

Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:11 pm

Just wanted to share a video of 'Raw Gameplay' (unedited gameplay) of Battlefield Play4Free, captured with Bandicam, after winning a Saiga-12 Shotgun for one day's usage on my Medic via The Daily Draw. I had joined a 32-player server (running a Rush map) that was nice and full (16 soldiers per side). After getting the kinks out and getting used to the controls again after not playing for a while, I think things picked up as the game went on.. I was soon having fun arming MCOMs and healing and reviving. Near the end, I realized that my Aircraft controls weren't set/got reset, as my mouse wasn't 'inverted' and I couldn't fly the helicopter at all, haha.

Recorded game: Battlefield Play4Free, Online First Person Shooter
Recorded with: Bandicam (Registered Version) @ 864p
Recording codec: MPEG-1, 70% Quality, 30fps

This video was also a test of a few things (though not an 'Official Testing Video'): I was messing around with different settings in Bandicam (resolutions, quality settings) to see how low I could set things before the quality suffered too much. This is of course, something VERY relative and what looks 'good enough' to one person, looks 'like crap on a cracker' to another person.
What I was testing here was, what settings seemed good enough to upload to YouTube (since it recompresses anyway) and still be enjoyable, while making the recorded file as small as I could via Bandicam's Quality settings (which limits the bitrate somewhat) and the differences made with resolution size (the larger the resolution, the more bitrate/filesize that would be required). It's all a balancing act, but quickly-configurable settings in Bandicam made testing things out easier.

Full article, including explanation of The Daily Draw and some Video Compression analysis/banter here: ... ee-32.html

Enjoy and See You In The Games!
("Hope That Helps!") ~ Troy

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