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Finding recording files

Tue Mar 26, 2024 8:50 pm


I'm a video producer. I filmed a lecture.
The guy who was speaking recorded his screen with Bandicam.

He can't find files of the record. The lecture had a length of 1 hour
but he only found a 53 mb file with 10 minutes of screening.

The file has this name.
bandicam 2024-02-26 09-00-52-801

What instructions should I give to speaker to help find him other parts of recording?
Maybe the record was automatically separated in 5-6 files?
Where it can be located? He has a windows PC.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Finding recording files

Wed Mar 27, 2024 11:14 am

Hello ipolyakov16,

Did he use the full version of Bandicam?
The recorded file should be saved in the output folder.
If he recorded with the free version of Bandicam, the recording duration is limited to 10 minutes per recording and that's why the only first 10 minutes has been saved.

Thank you.

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Re: Finding recording files

Thu Apr 25, 2024 2:16 pm


It sounds like the recording may have been split into multiple files due to Bandicam's file size limit or other settings.

Ask the speaker to open Bandicam and check the settings to see if there's an option enabled for splitting recordings into multiple files based on size or duration. If so, the missing parts of the recording may be saved as separate files.
Instruct the speaker to search the same directory where the 53 MB file was found for any additional files with similar names but different timestamps. Bandicam typically names its files based on the date and time of recording, so there may be files with similar names but different timestamps corresponding to different parts of the lecture.
By default, Bandicam saves recordings to the "Videos" folder on the user's PC. Ask the speaker to navigate to this folder and look for any additional Bandicam recording files that may be present.
If the speaker is unable to locate the missing recording parts in the default save location, suggest performing a system-wide search for files with ".avi" or ".mp4" extensions, as Bandicam typically saves recordings in one of these formats.
Bandicam allows users to specify a custom output folder for saving recordings. If the speaker configured Bandicam to save recordings to a specific location, instruct them to check that folder for any additional recording files.

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