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Bandicam 5.1.0 (03/23/2021) - mp3 with an .MP4 container

Tue Mar 23, 2021 6:01 pm

Bandicam 5.1.0 (03/23/2021) - mp3 with an .MP4 container

We are pleased to announce the release of Bandicam 5.1.0.
This new version allows you to use the Noise Suppression filter.

* Detailed information

1. The .mp3 codec is now available with an .MP4 container.

2. Improved the audio stuttering issue.

3. Added auto recording and scheduled recording tips link.

4. Added command line parameters (/start, /screenshot, /pause, /unpause)

5. Improved security of Bandicam related to DLL Hijacking.

6. Improved the compatibility with OBS VirtualCAM in Device Recording Mode.

7. Bugs fixed
- The size of the rectangle window was displayed incorrectly if the recording size was changed after using the 'Show/Hide (Ctrl+Alt+H)' option.
- Bandicut could not be installed from within Bandicam.

* Bandicam Download:

Thank you for using Bandicam
We are doing our best to make the world's best recording program.

Best regards,
The Bandicam Team
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