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Bandicut 3.1.2 (05/23/2018) - Remove audio tracks

Wed May 23, 2018 3:09 pm

Bandicut 3.1.2 (05/23/2018) - Remove audio tracks

* Detailed information

1. Bandicut is now able to remove audio track(s).
Remove audio tracks
remove-audio-tracks.png (62.24 KiB) Viewed 39485 times
2. Bandicut now supports naming conventions. (Users can define the output file name.)

3. Added an option, "Move to main window after cutting or joining"

4. Improved setting segment start/end time.
- Added a hotkey "Move to previous time digit(Cutter)": Shift+Tab
- Added an option: The input position is moved to the next section when a user inputs a number.

5. Bugs fixed
- High-speed mode: Audio codecs were changed when a user used a file which had multiple audio tracks (The audio codec of the tracks were different).
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Please try Bandicut, Fastest and Lossless Video Cutter and Joiner.
- Download:

Thank you for using our software.

Best regards,
The Bandicut Team

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