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Bandicam 4.0.1 (09/29/2017) - Upload to Facebook

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:56 am
by Bandicam Company
Bandicam 4.0.1 (09/29/2017) - Upload to Facebook

* Detailed information

1. Added the Facebook upload function. (How to upload a video to Facebook.)

2. Fullscreen mode: Added the pin icon to show/hide the recording control bar.

3. Fullscreen mode: Added the opacity adjustment function.

4. Fullscreen mode: Bandicam now shows the display number in the recording information status line.

5. Added the Khmer(Cambodian) language file by touch sovannara.

6. Bugs fixed
- The taskbar was not recorded when using the around mouse screen recording mode.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

* Bandicam Download:

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