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Bandicam 3.4.0 (04/26/2017) - Draw arrows, add numbers

Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:15 pm

Bandicam 3.4.0 (04/26/2017) - Draw arrows, add numbers

* Detailed information

1. Bandicam is now able to add numbers to highlight steps of video tutorials.

2. Bandicam is now able to draw arrows with customized colors and sizes.

3. Improved the real-time drawing function.
- The real-time drawing feature can be used in a moving video.
- The drawing feature can be used when capturing images.

4. Added a new size preset (1920x1080) on the rectangle window.

5. Separated the FPS position hotkey and the FPS show/hide hotkey.

6. Improved the writing efficiency of PCM audio data with the .avi container.

7. Bugs fixed
- RGB24 codec resulted in quality loss in the registered version.
- External codec which supports RGB input such as MagicYUV, Lagarith, x264 resulted in quality loss.
- Bandicam crashed when the smallest size was selected and the H264(CPU) codec was used in Screen Recording Mode.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

* Bandicam Download:

Thank you for using Bandicam
We are doing our best to make the world's best recording program.

Best regards,
The Bandicam Team

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