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[Bandicam Review] Imagine you are playing an exciting game

Mon May 02, 2011 4:33 pm

Freedownloadscenter Reviewer, 2011-04-18 05:21:00

Imagine you are playing an amazingly exciting game on your PC and much to your glory; you are doing perfectly well in it. Suddenly you feel the urgency of recording all the heroic tasks of your virtual avatar in the game for it could play a vital role in finally establishing some sort of gaming-superiority over your buddies.

The situation demands nothing less than a high-end program that has the ability to record real-time desktop activities in a high quality format. Bandicam from the house of Bandisoft is such an application that most certainly won’t disappoint you.

Bandicam, unlike most of the products of this sort, offers you a pretty simple interface that won’t leave you in a panic state even if you belong to the “technologically challenged” category. It can record the activities of both direct show and directx based applications. This means, its not just games that you can record with Bandicam, but also the playbacks in your media players as well as simple desktop screenshots.

The recordings are no doubt of high quality. But what makes it even more handy is the fact that the output files are much smaller (1-5, 1-20) if compared to other similar software. As it uses AVI 2.0 open DML extensions, there is no maximum size limit for the recordings. The product comes with Bandifix - a program for recovering the corrupt .avi files resulted from unexpected errors during recording.

The shareware version of the product has the exact same features as the commercial version, but with a bandicam watermark at the top of the video. Also, there is a maximum time-limit of 10 minutes in the shareware version.

All in all, a nice effort has been put up by bandisoft in creating this wonderful product. For its simple interface and excellent performance, Bandicam gets a rating point of four points.

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