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Bandicam updated today (1.6.1) - 03/16/2011

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:39 am
by Bandicam Company
Bandicam updated - Version: (03/16/2011)

* Detailed information is followed:
- Added 'French/Traditional Chinese' language file.
- Improved DirectX 10/11 recording speed (lower memory usage).
- Improved FPS output method in DirectX 10 and 11.
- Improved language changing system.
- Bug fixed - an error while closing a certain DirectX 11 supporting game.
- Bug fixed - recording problem in a certain video size when XviD codec was used.
- Bug fixed - program starting error in a certain PC.
- Bug fixed - recording error in the Rectangle on a screen mode in a certain PC.

Thank you for using Bandicam.
We will do our best to offer the best recording experience.

Best Regards,
The Bandicam Team