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Bandicut released - V1.2.0 (01/23/2014)

Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:33 pm


We are pleased to announce the release of Bandicut today.

Bandicut is a video editor that can cut certain parts of a video.
Because it cuts a video without encoding, you can clip a part of a video quickly while keeping original video quality.


* Features
1. You can cut a part from the original copy without encoding.
2. [High-Speed Mode] does not decrease the quality.
3. You can precisely cut a video by frame.
4. Various compression codecs (Xvid, MPEG-1, Motion JPEG, etc.) are supported
5. High-speed video cutting is supported.
6. Easy to use.

Please try Bandicut, Fastest and Lossless Video Cutter.
- Download:

Thank you for using our software.

Best regards,

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