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New User - And Simple Feature Request

Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:32 am

First of all, Bandicut is perfect for what I need, and I purchased two licenses. I had a commercial firm digitize 5 hours of Super8 film to high definition video of priceless family film (and have more in the pipeline). What I got back was two 40+ gb "motion-jpeg" avi files. What I wanted to do seemed simple - split them into the original 150 or so separate video files representing the original 150 or so Super8 films. But try to find a program which will split "motion-jpeg" without "converting" it to MP4s or something and losing quality. Most video editors will read "motion-jpeg", but almost none of them will split a file and write back out the original "motion-jpeg", keeping the original quality.

Then I find your program, and it splits off the individual files PERFECTLY, and keeps the original "motion-jpeg" quality for each clip. I am deeply indebted, as Bandicut is a rare find out there.

Here's my request. Bandicut takes about 25 minutes to process the entire 40 gb file. Bandicut seems to find and write out the clip I want in a few seconds, but it always continues to go through the entire 40 gb clip, for no additional benefit. Since I specify the exact starting frame, and the exact ending frame, my request is that Bandicut quickly extract the exact clip I want (to the original "motion-jpeg" format of course), and then instantly finalize and exit, rather than spending another 20 minutes meaninglessly going through the rest of the file.

As a workaround, using Bandicut, I split the original 40+ gb files to two 24 gb files (split perfectly, thanks Bandicut). Now it only takes 5-8 minutes to complete each extraction. But still, it seems to write out the extraction clip immediately, and then takes another 5-8 minutes to go through the rest of the 24 gb file. So same request, if it could simply go to the correct start frame, write out the file to the correct end-frame, and then instantly finalize and exit. This simple new feature in Bandicut would save me hours of file processing time :).

Thanks for listening,
Roger Matthews
Almost highly satisfied customer :)

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