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My youtube channel: masudbcl videos are always recorded with bandicam

Thu Apr 01, 2021 11:06 pm

My youtube channel : masudbcl have 160+ videos.
These are all bangla and English language based video tutorials.

I always use bandicam screen recording software.
I enjoy the recording.
Recently I made a 8 video playlist about a buyer & seller marketplace tutorials.
Earn from Home Work from home. Earn from internet topics.

I am sharing the videos serially down:

If anybody likes my videos please do not forget to share my videos with your social media or any where.
I got youtube monetization approval (Youtube Partner Program approval) by using bandicam 3 months ago.
Some times bandicam resolutions are working for me well also about to promote my videos.

Please do not forget to subscribe with my youtube channel.
I will be very happy if I get you as a sub.

youtuber masudbcl

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