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Bandicam Motion JPEG VS CUDA Split Screen

Fri May 02, 2014 11:33 am

hey guys just thought id post my video here incase any of you was wondering whats the difference between jpeg and cuda :) much love.

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Re: Bandicam Motion JPEG VS CUDA Split Screen

Sun May 18, 2014 3:51 am

Nice side-by-side test! I was working on another one of these, but haven't finished it yet. Thanks for sharing yours 8-)
What settings did you use for each? What were your recording sizes? [Edit: Ah, I see them in the video, I should have waited until the video finished]
It's too bad that YouTube compresses their videos so much, it hides much of the small differences that there were, no doubt, in the recording output...

In your video, you stated you are newer to using these codecs, so I'd like to point you to a couple articles I wrote, covering/testing these codecs a bit: ... 64avc.html ... d-msi.html
The first one is CUDA, with bitrates, screenshots and other tests, while the second is MJPEG testing and comparisons. While I utilize MSI's Afterburner for the second article, the mechanics of how MJPEG works is the same, as I explain in the posts.
Maybe there will be some information that can help you somehow :)

Oh, by the way, not a huge thing, but when you change the FOURCC code to 'x264', you are not actually changing the codec that CUDA is using (it always will use MPEG-4/h.264/AVC), you are merely changing the ID [a 'flag' or text number portion of the file] for the video, so that more editors can recognize it (many are programmed by default to recognize certain FOURCC codes over others). The codec remains the same :geek:
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