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Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:12 pm

Hey there! Its Mitchiee of Moderately Angry Gamer and I am looking for new and exciting gamers to bring to my channel! I want gamers with ideas, personality, not recording shy and most importantly time to do this! If you want to contact me either; reply to this post, add me on steam -DFG-M.A.G or inbox me on my Youtube! I look forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks for your time!

Ive been doing a gaming channel on Youtube for just under 2 months

I am still learning and still trying to find new partners to tag team games with, share opinions over games and just bounce ideas off each other If you are interested, inbox me on Youtube
The link to my channel is here;

Links to game series so far are here;

Dead Space 3 (Comical short videos, with commentary, featuring a friend) ; (if you watch through 1 to 24 (still more to come) you will see and improvement in not only my videos but the amount I speak)

Starcraft II (This is a progression series, subbed requested only really began it today!) ; ... i6WjifybJF

In a Nutshell ;

Soon I will be putting up videos of a Resident Evil 6 comedic play through with a new gaming partner of mine, so keep your eyes open for that!

I will be putting up a beginning of a new series. Hopefully this series will be fueled by sub requests, its something im excited and proud of so please check it out when its up!

But any support will be appreciated, I hope you fellow Youtubers read this and that I can hear from some of you soon!

Thanks alot,


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