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Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:59 am

Messing around trying another Speedrun, this time booting up some good'old Hitman: Blood Money, "A Vintage Year" level (with Bandicam running to record it, of course) 8-)

Recorded game: Hitman-Blood Money, First/Third Person Shooter/Stealth/Action
Recorded with: Bandicam (Registered Version) @ 1080p
Recording codec: MPEG-1 @ 80% Quality (Default Setting), 30fps

Hitman is a wonderfully crafted, enjoyable game. In my opinion, every single installment in this series has been. People have enjoyed the 'puzzle-play' aspects of it, people have enjoyed the gunplay, the stealth. Players have also enjoyed trying to run as-fast-as-they-can through levels that were probably not designed with this intention. Now, Hitman: Blood Money may not win any awards for "realism" in some areas of gameplay, but I personally have something against the concept that an Assassin, wearing a nice suit, most likely a millionaire, is carrying around twenty dollars in pocket change. Heck, I am sometimes annoyed at the jingle in my own pocket of a couple of quarters when I come across them. Thus, my personal aim with this level: to do a Suit-Only, Targets-Only, Silent Assassin, 'No Coins' Speedrun (on Professional Difficulty). I am probably not the fastest at this sort of thing, I have only done a couple of intentional Speedruns in the past; but it was still fun to make and I figured it was 'decently fast', so I wanted to share. Enjoy!

More details at the blog, here: ... ntage.html

See you in the games!
("Hope That Helps!") ~ Troy

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