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Minecraft Yellow Menu Text and the ZWNBSF Problem (Tutorial)

Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:39 am

As many of you already know, the yellow 'bouncy' text that shows up on the Main Menu screen of Minecraft ("Splash Text") can be edited to display whatever you want it to say. The problem is, when editing that text, one weird 'error' that can occur is, just before your personalized text, a little box with ZWN BSF (it's actually ZWNBSP) can show up. I've seen this problem talked about on many different forums for a while now and as I was editing the file myself, I figured out this way of fixing it and thought I'd share it with everyone - recording the entire tutorial with Bandicam's Rectangle On A Screen option:

In this GTAM Minute Tutorial, I'm editing the Splashes.txt file inside the Minecraft.jar source file [in Windows] to simply say, "Game Mode: Hardcore!", when working on recording some future Hardcore Mode Playthroughs. I show the problem as it pops up while editing [it's a one-take video] and then immediately show the fix for it. I don't think this is the only around it, but it solves the problem and worked for me multiple times and since people are still talking about it; I thought I'd throw this out there to help others.

To locate the Minecraft.jar source file the game uses (for almost everything, including addons/mods), see the Main Article for the video at our blog here: ... ouncy.html

Have fun editing the Minecraft Splash Text for your video projects and See You In The Game!
("Hope That Helps!") ~ Troy

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