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Quality crashes dramatically after 1h of recording

Sat Apr 17, 2021 7:38 am


I have tried to record a movie from one of VOD portals. After approx. 1 hour of recording the quality crashed dramatically. I had to record the second half of the movie again and then merge these two parts to one file.
It happens ussually around 1h of recording, sometimes a bit earlier, soametimes a bit later.
It happens only on paid portals like VOD ones or Netflix ( but I have paid for the access, I am the legal user)

I put the files in the Google Drive so you can watch them here or download --- ... sp=sharing

File "POM-all-second-half-bad" is the whole movie recorded for the first time. Quality crashes at 1:06:27 and lasts to the end of the movie.
File "POM-second-half-again" is the result of my second recording - this time quality was ok so I could use this file to merging with the first half of the movie.
There are also 2 files with configuration of my PC obtained from CPU-Z --- "desktop.html" and "desktop.txt"

Do the paid portals like VOD or Netflix detect the Bandicam in the system and block recording?
What is wrong?


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