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Extreme Bandicam Lag No Matter What

Sun May 04, 2014 8:55 pm

I get extreme lag recording anything with bandicam. I can maintain 40fps with other recorders on minecraft, for example. But when I use bandicam, no matter how low the fps, resolution, or settings the outcome is always the same: A jittery 10/11/12 fps. I'm running along at 50 fps, but as soon as I hit that record key...BOOM 11 fps. This problem is unrelated to cooling or anything of that manner. Bandicam simply runs at incredibly low fps for no reason. I've looked through all the settings and nothing! I've tried reinstalling and searching everywhere on the internet but I can't find any answers. Normal: 50fps, Fraps: 40 fps, Bandicam: 11 fps (not at the same time ofcourse).

All answers are appreciated.

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Re: Extreme Bandicam Lag No Matter What

Mon May 05, 2014 12:20 am

This is probably because of what codec you're using. Some codecs compress a lot while recording, some don't. The more they compress, the more resources they need. You can take a look here for comparison and tips regarding the codecs:
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Re: Extreme Bandicam Lag No Matter What

Mon May 05, 2014 5:14 pm

Do you have an Nvidia card? Go to the videocard's control panel => Adjust image settings with preview => and select Let the 3D application decide. Also try remove custom game profile if you've created one.

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Re: Extreme Bandicam Lag No Matter What

Mon May 05, 2014 9:17 pm


We recommend you play the game in windowed mode.

You may also try the 'Rectangle on a screen' mode of Bandicam.

For more information, refer ... _recording and ... eplay/#faq

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Re: Extreme Bandicam Lag No Matter What

Sun May 11, 2014 12:14 am

If I may pop in, I would also try a different Java Machine version. If you have the latest, try rolling back one or two and try recording again. This can go for your videocard drivers as well. As changes are made/updated in these, they can sometime mess with how Java renders.

I found that I could usually record Minecraft directly ("DirectX/OpenGL Window" setting), with the Bandicam FPS counter showing in the corner, completely fine, the game humming along at over 60fps (after a little stutter for a few seconds when I first start recording [buffering?]). But everything records fine, no slowdown at all (it climbs back up to 79fps, if that's what it was previously, for example).

Once in a while, there will be an update to something (Java or GPU drivers) that messes things up for me, and I have to rollback the drivers or Java version to where they matched up again nicely.

As the other helpful people above have said, you may need to check your codec/settings or lower your gpu settings, or even your game resolution/settings if you wish to use that specific codec. Switch between the codecs that Bandicam offers (and what is installed in your system) and see which one works best for your system/Minecraft combination.
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