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Sync Issue

Tue Sep 21, 2021 5:19 am

Hello all,

I’m a new Bandicam user. I’m making educational videos that include simultaneous recordings of my computer screen, my webcam and a microphone audio source, which is synchronized to the screen recording. The webcam is being saved as a separate mp4 file. Everything is then being Imported into Vegas for editing.

This works well enough except for one annoyance: the webcam video (which does not and can not include audio, so automatic syncing in Vegas isn’t an option) is typically a little shorter than the screen recording. It looks like the recording of the webcam usually starts maybe half a second after the screen recording. So the audio is not synced to the webcam video.

I’ve tried a few different codecs and settings without much luck. I’m wondering if anyone has run into this issue and figured out a solution? My goal here is to not need to slate and manually align every single recording.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Sync Issue

Wed Sep 22, 2021 12:02 pm


When you use the "Add webcam overlay to video" option, Bandicam starts 2 different recordings separately and you may have the sync issue (maximum 0.5 seconds) with this function.

At this moment, we have no good solutions other than to enable the "Save webcam video as separate file (.mp4)" option and fix the video sync through a video editing program such as Vegas.

We will try to find a better solution in the future.

Thank you.

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