How to use Bandicam without administrator privileges

Bandicam always requires administrator privileges to record the target in high quality and prevent the black screen problem in the recorded video. However, if you don't have the administrator privileges, please try the 'bdcam_nonadmin.exe' file and change the output folder to "C:\Bandicam" instead of your desktop folder or document folder.

Bandicam, nonadmin, standard user, guest, administrator

'bdcam_nonadmin.exe' allows non-admin users (guest/standard users) to use Bandicam without administrator privileges.

How to disable a Bandicam UAC window

To avoid the Bandicam UAC window, type UAC into the search box, and click the 'Change User Account Control settings' menu, and then drag the slider down to 'Never notify'.

bandicam, disable uac

Bandicam doesn't start when I click the Bandicam icon

If Bandicam doesn't start when you click the Bandicam icon on your desktop, please refer to

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