1. How to purchase/register Bandicut
  2. Bandicut License Policy: Registration, Upgrade, Refund
  3. If you’ve lost your Bandicut serial number
  4. Error message: Cannot connect to the registration server

License Upgrade Policy (1PC Upgrade = $19)

'Bandicut 1-PC License' is only applicable for 1 PC.

If you want to purchase an additional license, you may upgrade the license as follows.

If you have already purchased the '1-PC' license:

  • 2-PC upgrade = $19.00
  • 3-PC upgrade = $38.00
  • 4-PC upgrade = $57.00
  • ...

To upgrade the Bandicut license, go to https://www.bandicam.com/bandicut-video-cutter/buy/upgrade/.

For more details about the Bandicut license upgrade, please contact bandicut@bandicam.com.

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- Bandicut offers '1PC = 1License' policy.