About Bandicut

The About Bandicut window allows the user to check the Bandicut version information, license information, copyright information, hotkeys information, update check, etc.

Bandicut version and license information can be seen as shown below:

Bandicut version check, license check, update check

  •  1   Register: The 'Register' button opens the 'Register Bandicut' window that is for the registration of Bandicut.
  •  2   Update check: The 'Update check' option checks the version status of Bandicut and makes changes to the update notification settings.


Bandicut copyright can be seen as shown below:

Bandicut copyright


Bandicut hotkeys can be seen as shown below:

Bandicut hotkeys

* Hotkeys for Bandicut

- About Bandicut: F1

- Configuration: F5

- Maximize/Restore: Enter

* Play/Edit

- Open File: Ctrl+O, F2

- Close File: F4

- Open Output Folder: Ctrl+F2

- Play/Pause: Space

- Stop: Ctrl+Space

- Mute on/off: M

- Set Segment Start Time: [

- Set Segment End Time: ]

- Play/Pause Segment: Ctrl+P

- Stop Segment: Alt+P

- Forward: Right, Numpad+

- Rewind: Left, Numpad-

- Next Frame: Right, Numpad+

- Next Keyframe: Ctrl+Right

- Previous Frame: Left, Numpad-

- Previous Keyframe: Ctrl+Left

- Select Previous Segment : Up

- Select Next Segment : Down