How to use

With Bandicut, everybody can easily select the cutting area and merge multiple videos. You can also quickly extract audio tracks (.mp3) from a video, split a large video file into smaller video clips or trim unwanted parts of video such as commercials, outtakes and trailers.

Please see the video tutorial below.

Use cases of Bandicut

1. Cut one segment

2. Split into multiple files

3. Join multiple videos

If you want to cut a certain part of a video,... » more If you want to split a video into multiple files,... » more If you want to join multiple videos,... » more

4. Remove unwanted parts

5. Merge segments

6. Extract MP3 files

If you want to remove unwanted parts,...» more If you want to merge multiple sections,...» more If you want to extract audio from video to MP3,...» more

* How to clip videos and select a cutting area is as follows.

1. Click the Bandicut shortcut on the desktop (or Program list) to run it.

2. Click the [Open] icon to load a video.

3. Click the [Section] slider to select a cutting area to be clipped.

- Please, refer to the "Cutting area is not selected properly." page for details about [Video Cutting Section].

4. Click the [Start] button to start video cutting.

- Please, refer to the "What is the Difference between [High-Speed mode] and [Encoding mode]?" page for details about [Video Cutting Option].

5. Click the [Open] button to check the clipped video.